Book Review : 60 Minutes

Okay, I’m terribly late.(Blogadda guys are probably gonna hit me with …pebbles maybe? ) I was not available at the place I got my book delivered. So please excuse me for breaking the 7day rule Blogadda *pleads with moist kitten eyes* (cause they are more convincing).


Authors :  Upendra Nambudi.

Pages : 361

Publication Year : 2014

60 minutes is supposed to be fast paced racy corporate drama. It deals with how Agastya, the Chief Marketing Officer who gets in adrenaline rush with stocks, juggle his wife Nandita, friend-with-benefit Maithili, his most admirable rival Sailesh and the unpredictable stock market. What is supposed to make it more interesting is that,(insert dramatic eye-roll here) the story is what happens in excruciating 60 minutes of his life with references to the past every now and then.

What I liked : Let me think. Umm…think harder. Well, the book is a different attempt. With references to the past in between each chapter that talks about the present. That is also a factor I disliked. Will tell you later why. The characters are all confused mostly. But I liked Maithili. Maybe just because its rare to come across such strong woman characters. And hey, the cover is attractive. Almost makes you believe its gonna be one helluva book! 😛 I just have to say this, if you love the adrenaline rush that stock market gives you, you would absolutely love the book. The basics ofcourse are not explained, it’s clearly not a book to explain you those details, but if you have some idea – it will give you a very clear and detailed picture on what Agastya is going through. The book also has taken the effort to show how difficult and tough it is to climb the corporate ladder and how people are always on their marks to pull you down. Very  real.

What I disliked:  The guy cheats his wife and has an affair. That lady already has a husband. That husband remarried. But this woman is in a live-in relationship with her husband who is actually remarried. What a beauty ! And then Violence – and too much of it. Everyone in a relationship in this book hits their partner, strangles them, abuses them. Next, I’m reading a book okay? The chapters that talks about the present are the only sane readable understandable part. If the stop it keep going back to crapy past every damn chapter, it annoys me. Next, the poem kinda thing at the beginning of each chapter had no relevance to the actual chapter whatsoever! And DETAILS. Too too too much of details about stock market and shares.” Go short by one million on Spectrum”, Agastya says. Then again “Close Alliance.” WTH that means? That’s what I’m talking about -_-

Final Verdict : Go for it ONLY if you are into Stock Market and you have an interest on all those red and green and blue chips or whatever. Not for fiction lovers. Climax could have had a bit more clarity. I’m still wondering what actually happened after *%#^W@$!&@ (not supposed to tell you that). 😛 And not everything is taken so easily as they depict. I have some serious doubts now, if Indian Companies’ CMO’s and CEO’s actually have a rough battle.

I’m so glad I completed the book in 7 days (from the day I got it in my hands.)



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