Entangled Lives : Game Of Blogs #CelebrateBlogging

Round 3 : Chapter 24

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Normalcy became an unaffordable luxury to the Dutta family along with Cyrus and Jenny. Java has been performing post-mortem to their emotions and sanity. Everyone was constantly monitored and watched. When Java was talking to Mr. Ahuja, Shekhar noticed it from the window in his living room. He didn’t like this; his neighbor – especially a man with a disability, was being tormented by Java’s questioning.

The media are always hungry for news, and when something like this happens in a popular media person’s life, misery welcomes itself ruthlessly. Tara informed her work place that she won’t be around for some time and split her work among her junior team members.  It killed her to do that, but she was not having many choices here, and she agreed.  Meanwhile, Roohi found it difficult to draw a Tomato for her botany home work.

17 missed calls

“What is he thinking? Why does he have to take it to this extreme levels,“ screamed Jenny in her mind. “TRY AGAIN”

23 missed calls

“Please Jenny. I can’t handle this. I can’t lie to you every single time. I love you too much for that. Leave me for some time. I have too much to take care of, right now,” lamented Cyrus to himself. He had distanced Jenny from himself and was not responding to her calls, emails, sms, and whatsapp messages. He did not want her to be entangled in his complicated life, one which was destined to have an unhappy ending. “How stupid she could be? What if Java comes to know we are not exactly strangers?? Oh god Jenny! Please understand. I want you to stay safe!” thought Cyrus and closed his laptop shut.

“I’m coming over Cyrus. You left me with no choice.” – With this single thought in mind, Jenny started to Cyrus’ apartment. Thanks to the questioning by the constables and the details they all had to share with the police, Jenny had overheard Cyrus’ current address. It was not very far, and she raced on her bright red colored hired Avenger.

It was an awkward meeting. Cyrus and Jenny had been in love, and now Cyrus was trying to avoid her unsuccessfully. Jenny stood beside Cyrus in his terrace and looked at him.

“Cyrus..?” she said. He didn’t respond. “Cyrus, please talk to me,” pleaded Jenny but Cyrus felt too weak to respond. He felt it better to avoid conversations at this point. Jenny was getting pissed off. She had had enough of an emotional rollercoaster ride and she can’t keep watching all this anymore.

She said, “I wish you open up to more people who actually care, rather than to complete strangers, through some sick online blog!”

Cyrus had taken one step away, but he froze. “The blog!!” his mind yelled. He turned back to look at Jenny. She calmed herself and then gave a reassuring look. Cyrus walked back to her with sincerity in his eyes and spoke with concern in his voice.

“Look Jenny, I don’t know how much you have read. But I meant to write down my thoughts somewhere. Where people whom I don’t even know could read it and not judge me for once in my life! I couldn’t talk to anyone about..” he left mid-sentence.

After a few seconds of silence which seemed like eternity, Jenny responded “Cyrus, I read it all. I know you’re here for revenge. I understand what you are going through and I know you are badly hurt by your dad. He abandoned you, and he deserves to suffer. But think about the consequences! I love you idiot! I really do! No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back. Please.”

“Jenny? I’m not ready to change my mind now. I have thought this over several times, and I think this is the only thing that could give me peace. I deserve it after everything I went through, Jenny! Just leave me alone on this one.” With that, he stomped past her and locked himself in his bedroom, banging the door as hard as he could.

“I just wanted to get rid of that goddamn woman once and for all – the one who had taken my mother’s place; the ‘new’ Mrs. Dutta. I want Shekhar to suffer. Roohi should have an incomplete family, just like me, and then he will understand what he did to me and my mother!!” Cyrus thought bitterly. Cyrus had vengeance in his heart and revenge in his eyes. There was no backing out now.

Outside, Jenny was stunned. Not once during their relationship had Cyrus treated her like this. She wished they were back to normalcy in Delhi. No Mumbai, No Dutta and more importantly, no Tara. Such a bitch! She felt the same intense desire for Tara’s death that she had felt when Cyrus had accepted the affair between himself and Tara.

Jenny decided that Cyrus needed some time and she would continue to support him. She knew him well and felt that he needed her but was afraid to ask. With these thoughts, she rode to her home, not knowing what awaited her there.

The shadow scribbled away the pain …

One by one everyone’s done

One by two the puzzle is through

Two by three until we are, but, free

Three by four we get more

Four by five they’re all one with the hive


“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs‘ at BlogAdda.com. #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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Team Potliwale Baba

Srilakshmi Indrasenan Sneha Bhattacharjee Deepak Nare Hemantkumar Jain Shameem Rizwana Shoumik De Nirav Thakker Tushar Ritu Pandey


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