Flipkart Big Billion Day is Over Already


Flipkart has been advertising for its Big Billion Day sale from the past couple of weeks. There have been a number of deals running on the ecommerce portal since morning 8am across various categories with discounts as high as up to 80%. However, the sale has already come to an end within 7 hours.

In case you don’t know what the Big Billion Day Sale is about – Flipkart aims to do business of more than 1 billion in one day on 6th October 2014. We are not sure if Flipkart has already achieved its sale target by 2pm but most of the deals will not be processed anymore. At approx. 2pm, seller accounts of third party vendors on Flipkart have been put as pending i.e no more orders will be taken for the day and products will now show the status as ‘out of stock’.A few selected deals will continue to be listed, but essentially the sale is over.

The main reason behind this move is that Flipkart has already received more than 3,00,000 orders in the first 6 hours of the sale – a number that is the limit of their enormous logistics team to process. They will not risk taking more orders and then fail to process them in dispatch tomorrow. A wise strategy to avoid bad mouthing on late delivery, however limiting the sale in such a way will only lead to more complaints from the users.

Throughout the sale, social media was anyway abuzz with complaints against the site crashing and giving errors, orders disappearing from shopper carts and deals going out of stock as soon as they went live. Online shoppers have been continuously checking Flipkart ever hour for new deals and we are not sure hot Flipkart plans to inform its users about the sale end.

Considering the hype created around the sale, Flipkart should have been expecting such traffic and orders, especially since they have already done flash sales that led to their site crashing in the past. At the time of writing of the article, Flipkart’s Twitter account is still going on about the sale being continued as announced. However, the end of a one-day sale in just a few hours is not something expected from Flipkart at the time when competing websites Amazon and Snapdeal are continuously offering better deals throughout the day.

Flipkart plans to do another week of similar sale from October 10th to October 16th and we hope that they work on their backend to avoid similar issues during that time.


Source : Economic Times

 Also, even I had my share of positives and negatives from this Big Billion Day Sale.  I have placed multiple orders on flipkart in the past , from the very same email id. But the past orders tab shows NIL now. :O  

Also I placed an order for a Power Bank and then a Handbag today morning . . The Power Bank is displayed in the recent orders tab but the bag just vanished.! No where to be found. Not in cart, wishlist or past recent orders!!  Is this a technical glitch or the order is not placed at all ? Wake up, flipkart !! :/




2 thoughts on “Flipkart Big Billion Day is Over Already

  1. big companies are submitting complaints about flipkart for selling big products in low budget.. y so? these ppl r harrasing flipkart.. y ppl r targeting flipkart? flipkart has done good job for poor families, middle class families..


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