Life and all that.

Okay, I have been completely MIA for the past couple of months. Nah, not completely. I write reviews most of the time and have not recorded any life events as such. So, as the good girl that I was, I thought, let me put some life into my blog now. 🙂 A lot of things happened in the past few days. So many people say 2014 went in a jiffy. For same weird reason, I don’t feel so. It was long enough for me. Maybe it depends on how our life has been that year. Mine was the normal routine day in and day out. So, nothing extraordinary here. Well, let’s see what all happened lately.

Sheerin’s Wedding :

Sheerin got hitched! And lucky for her, she got married to the love of her life. More on that here .

Iffath’s Wedding :

Who would have predicted Iffath would get married so soon? I mean, she is a BABY!! Innocence is what she is. I can never imagine her even now, running an entire house and being a Mistress! Feels so unreal!! How are you doing it baby doll ? :* I’m so proud of you ❤    And she kept a dress code for her Nikkah (wedding). Lehengas. I never had one and used this as an excuse to splurge. Gold and Red one. 🙂

I never took a picture at the wedding. Trust me. The lehenga was wearing me out. So I’m waiting for her to send me the pictures the wedding photographer took 🙂

Sali Ka Rasam – a pre-wedding function


Mini Vacation at The Park

In the October 1st week holidays, we planned to go to Vizag in my family. It kinda got busted as the flight ticket availability and accommodation availability did not intersect. So we decided to crash somewhere withing city. Actually we had planned for OMR/ECR stay. Ended up in The Park. Mount Road.



I was freaking out there that I forgot to pack my hair brush and Dad was joking we could go home and get it. Duh. Thanks for ruining my mini-vacation-mood dad.!  :/ But it was fun nonetheless. Spa, Pizza and Room Service is heaven – no matter where you are 😀


Read a lot.

I almost quit reading owing to my work schedule. But I was suddenly inspired out of no where and started reading like a manic. Much to the displeasure of my mom as I refuse to turn off the lights in the bedroom till about 1PM and end up going late to work every day ^_^ But I gained yaar ! So not complaining 🙂

What did I read?   God is a gamer, Half girlfriend, 13 Reasons Why, Private India, Asura (1/6th), Abundance of Katherines (2/6th), Fraudster – just started.


Semmozhi Poonga.

I wanted to go this place for ages. Like, its nothing new. A park full fo greenery everywhere. No flowers or anything. But it was the go-to spot for allllllll the photoshoots in Chennai. And many movies have romantic scenes shot here. So finally, one down in my  “Places-To-Visit” list.



Joined Zumba and Yoga class.

Lol. Yes, don’t ask why. My office offered these classes. Paid. But I ran and registered early 😀 I wanted to join dance classes for a long time and when I started to work, I thought those dreams will only be dreams. But here I get another chance and why would I reject it ? 😀 I’m burning calories which I should be avoiding totally. But its okay. You don’t get to dance for “I’m sexy and I know it” very often in your life 😉


Game of Blogs 

This is the most exciting of all. I signed up for this GOB thingy on Blogadda not having any clue on how big and real it is going to be. I was teamed up with a bunch of intellectual energy balls. We did not only talk about the novel that we were going to write. We had a blast. Facebook, Whatsapp,Skype, Email, Phone calls, Conferences – no communication medium ever known to man was spared. And man, did we have fun!

We wrote a murder mystery without deciding who the murderer will be. 😀

How cool is that? 😛  It automatically spun out of control and formed by itself 🙂 I think , only THAT spirit has brought us to the finalists level. The results are yet to be announced and am thrilled as hell !! Will update more on that later 😀


And was so excited to write the cliff-hanger last chapter for round two. 🙂 Cheers to Team Potliwale Babas!!

WeAreChennai Curator for the week

And to the most latest update. I’m a twitter freak. I would trade Fb for Twitter. Not that Facebook is mine to trade away ! 😀 (Sorry about that, Mark! 😀 )

So, yeah..I’m the Curator for the @WeAreChennai page on twitter this week starting 20th October 2014. It is so much fun already and am having a blast  🙂

WE ARE (3)

Phew ! A lot has happened. 😀 Well, ciao for now !

Do tell me what were you guys up to ? 🙂


And I wish you all very Happy, Prosperous, Colorful and Safe Diwali !! 🙂



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