Stay Fit and Fabulous.

6:00 AM

But even if the stars and moon collide

I never want you back into my life

You can take your words and all your lies

Oh oh oh I really don’t care

Even if the stars and moon collide

I never want you back into my life

You can take your words and all your lies

Oh oh oh I really don’t—

She manages to stop Demi Lovato blaring from her phone and wipes the sleep off her eyes.

6:30 AM

After multiple snoozing, she washes her face and goes over to the terrace with a steaming mug of coffee and takes a stroll round and round till her heads go dizzy. She morning sunshine is too beautiful to be missed, she always thought.

8:00 AM

Mom’s crispy ghee dosa and coconut chuney are straight from heaven. She had stayed in hostel for a couple of years in-between and knows to be thankful for this !

8:20 AM

Straps her bag and cycles to school. She says bye to her flat mates waiting for the school van and breezes past them.

11:30 AM

Friends waiting for the lift at Ground floor, to go to the Computer Science lab on the 4th floor.

“Well, we’re on a race!” , she challenges and rushes past everyone to get to the fourth floor before her friends. She pants and heaves, but hey! she came first.

4:00 PM

Sports Sir : I’ll have to plan with the other staffs for the Sports day. Play whatever you want. Just stay on the ground.”

Friends: Indoors!!

She : “Not really”, and joins the other athletes who decide to play baseball.

Friend : But you’ll get tanned ! And exhausted! And we dont HAVE to!  :O Her face is clouded with confusion.

She just grins.

5:30 PM 

She cycles back home and find the kids in her apartment,on their mark. She rushes past them, cheats, and gets chased by a group of 8 year olds. She giggles and picks up the tinniest one and swirls around.

8.00 PM

“Mom makes super delicious Chinese food tonight! Yay.!! “

She posts the picture with fork and flaunting away her mom’s Noodles and Manchurian.

Her friends checks them out in the gym, and comments.

“I wonder why I’m stuck at the gym. U never do anything to stay fit, yet u don’t  have to go to the gym!!  Life is just so unfair 😦 “

She ‘likes’ it and comments back,

“You’re wrong on so many levels 😀 😀 “ .

Being healthy and staying fit is not always a exhausting process. You could dance away, laugh out loud heartily, and just choose to be fit in everything you do. That process is made easier with biscuits like Sunfeast Farmlite, when you don’t have to break a sweat and also have delicious stuff that tastes like Almons,Raisins, Oats and Wheat.

It never is too hard. I cannot say that. Being a picky-eater myself, I have never worried about being fit. Some say its a blessing when I curse my genes for being so lean. But I’m sure, its not going to be all that horrid, when you work towards a goal, a future-you.

Stay fit. Stay healthy. Stay fabulous!


You can visit here and know more about Sunfeast Farmlite – the all new Healthy & Tasty cookie from the house of ITC foods. Now available in two deliciously healthy variants – Oats & Almonds and Oats & Raisins.



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