Creating Travelogues & Memories

Vacations are one of the best times of the year. For everyone from kids to office-goers and even our sweet grand-dad and granny who is happy that the entire family is home. But most parents find it easier and convenient to send their kids off to the many many summer camps and classes that suddenly springs up in every nook and corner of the city. But I was not too sure that I’d want that. I want my child to be happy. I want her to learn something. For her to create memories.

So when Riya’s annual holiday started, I was keen on taking her out. The sun showed no mercy in Chennai that year and we zeroed in on Ooty – the Queen of Hill stations. We have already took her to Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Ooty was a different genre and I was honestly a bit nervous on how she would like it there. Its gonna be cool and green. But never the less, we were excited about it.
We took a flight to Coimbatore and hired a cab from there to reach the top of the hill. The hair-pin bends were scary and bit nauseating to Riya, but when she peeped out of our Indica to take a clearer look at what is so scary, she was pleasantly surprised. And shocked -yes 😀 We were thousands of feet above sea level, and the clouds were so close and cold crisp air ruffled her fringe when she looked out. The long trees that kept following, the innumerable types of flowers, and the cute and sometimes wicked monkeys we met on the way brought back the excitement in her. And that moment, me and my husband were sure she is going to have fun. 🙂

We stayed at Club Mahindra Resorts. It was a nice cozy place with everything available in a phone call. But stil gave us more of a holiday feel in those cute cottages rather than a what a hotel would offer. She loved waking up to the sound of birds chirping at her window and the cool breeze that doesn’t lets you feel the heat of the sun. She enjoyed her time playing with other kids at the resort, who have gathered in the game room.

I myself made many friends there and it was an absolute delight to watch her mingle with people who don’t even speak our regional language. The kids played Frisbee, UNO cards,carom shuttle and it is every parent’s delight to watch them enjoy it. Later in the night we gathered for the camp-fire held at the resort which was pure fun with music dance and more games.

Then we went around Ooty, visiting the botanical gardens ad rose gardens. It was funny to watch Riya’s eyes widen in amazement at the roses and later get tired by looking thousands of them at one place 😀 Horse-riding, cycling, boating, eating cup-corn that releases steam as we all dig in, Riya wanting to peddle the boat and giving up in a single rotation 😀 , it was fun unlimited.

We cherished every bit of the trip and it is really the best therapy anyone could give their child. Sincerely better than making them join a abacus class for the holidays. !!
For trips and memories like these,Club Mahindra comes forward to sort things out and makes it much more convenient and stress-free. Do check out their site here for more details if you intend on memory-making 😉


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