Good Riddance 2014 !

Here we go. Another year comes crawling to an end.And another year waiting to swallow us right up at the strike of 12 !

2014 has been a no-nonsense year for me. It was clearly not great; but it still gave me people and opportunities and memories that I would most likely cherish for a life time.! Personally for me,I made an awful lot of blunders with my life. I was so out-of-focus and jumped at the wrong choices! But shit happens, right? I hope I be more wise (and not nice) in the coming year and not do stupid stuff to please people or to reciprocate. Or sometimes just to make them happy even when you are not entirely sure about it. If that means, being a bitch, lets be one this 2015.

Happy New Year 2015 everybody !! 

My blog performed exceptionally well this year, so on that account, thanks 2014. I also honestly thank all my readers for being so patient with me and my blog. Love you all to the moon and back! 🙂 :*



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