You are beautiful. And? #UseYourAnd

A multitude of things make me who I am. And I shall not be limited by one label.



I’m my parent’s only child.The apple of my father’s eye and everything to my mother.

   I’m a loved daughter.

I’m the first grandchild to my grandparents. They love me and treasure me.

      I’m a first of a new generation in my family tree.

I love naming my thoughts and putting them down on my space.

         I’m a blogger.

I’m a Computer Science Graduate.

         I’m an engineer.

I interviewed Joshna Chinappa for a story on FEMINA. I loved the job and hoping to step into it someday.

         I’m an aspiring journalist.

I can survive on books and coffee alone.

         I’m a severe bibliophile.

I doodle and draw. I like the state of my mind when I’m trying to draw – extreme concentration.

         I’m an funny but focused artist.

Humans make me happy.

         I’m a friend.

I like how I sound. Within four walls though.

         I’m a reckless singer.

I’m the go-to person for everyone in my family, for any electronic gadget and smart-phone related assistance   😛

         I’m a gadget freak.

I cannot sit in the backseat for the life of me. I’m hunting for the “Born to Drive – Forced to Work” sticker 😀

         I’m addicted to driving.

NEVER say mediocre things about Chennai to me. Never.  You are likely to regret it B-)

         I’m a true-blue chennai’ite.

If I love something, I love it with everything I have in me.

         I’m a die-hard fanatic.

Nothing is ever enough. Only that thirst can keep you alive and break barriers.

         I’m a dreamer.


I will never allow myself to be labelled and tagged. I’m much more than that.

What are you?



This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.




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