April A-Z Challenge 2015 : Theme Reveal

Okay. I participated in mind-bending, nerve-wrecking,exhausting, time-consuming activity in the month of April last year. Oh yes, the April A-Z Challenge. (no surprise there because of course – the post title! but sill) But trust me, I’m not even exaggerating when I say that, I was blown by the amount of blogging I did and the friends I made through the month of April. It is good for your blog traffic, to gain followers, to discover more blogs, to commit to blogging, and most importantly – to push your boundaries and JUST BLOG. I genuinely felt gleeful when I successfully completed last year’s challenge and still have the Survivor badge pinned to my sidebar.

Coming back to the present (oh,the irony there!) I was in writers-block-phase since this February and thought I’d skip it this year. I signed up as 1298th person and was still not sure if I have it in me to blog for a whole month. It is too much commitment, when I’m in a block and into a new project at work where I have to give my utmost focus. But my very good friend Shalini from Tale of Two Tomatoes came up to me and encouraged me to participate. We wrote together last year and her friendship is one example of how I benefited from the contest. I took that as a sign and started scrambling for ideas.

I winged it last year (writing about anything that comes to my mind – just keeping the alphabets in focus of course). But now, I’m a bit disoriented and thought I could use the help of a theme. I obviously missed the big theme reveal day (March 23rd,2015), but that didn’t dampen my spirits. What did was, finding a suitable theme was harder than I’d imagined. I couldn’t make myself agree and settle with any theme. I come up with a theme, decide what I’m going to write from A-E (topics alone), then feel it’s not exactly okay.


So finally I’ve picked something which is extremely danger grounds for me *wait for it*….

Flash Fiction.

This is the first time I’m attempting Fiction. I’m definitely not good at it, and I have made this challenge harder for me by attempting something SO out of my comfort-zone. But I’m trying to push my limits and explore the world of fiction writing, starting with this April A-Z Challenge. I’m all ears for constructive criticism, so please do comment on my posts, it will surely help me. 🙂

Looking forward to write more, read more and make more friends and be merry!




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