Kettle Tea house, Anna Nagar : Review

Mum’s birthday fell on March 28th. Me and dad planned elaborately by lying generously and set up a plan – midnight surprise cake cutting, gifting, confessing our plans and chatting away till 2AM, waking up at noon, surprising her again with flowers, ordering-in Briyani and Chicken Tikka Masala from Buhari and finally going out in the evening for a light meal as we are already stuffed and disoriented. LOL.

So, I searched for cafes on Zomato and zeroed in on Kettle Teahouse in Anna Nagar. It was close-by, had a 3.8 rating, cozy pictures of the place and a variety of quick bites that is not restricted to a particular cuisine.


The place was fairly empty; only 4 groups were present when we entered around 8:00 PM. We ordered the Creamy Fusilli with Mushroom White Sauce Pasta, Chilly Cheese Toast and Chicken Sauté.

Chilli Cheese Toast was extremely yummy considering it is hard to go wrong. But all the presentations were top-notch and inviting. The ambiance was good and cozy.

Chilli Cheese Toast


The Chicken Sauté was a disaster – at least for us. The taste was too raw. Mum did some google-research after coming home and said it is a Malaysian dish. So maybe it was ‘supposed’ to taste that way. So, not commenting much on that.

Chicken Saute


I requested the Fusilli pasta to be replaced by Penne Pasta and they obliged. The quantity of the pasta was enormous for a person like me, but it tasted good. I’ve had better pastas, but this faired okay. Looked definitely yum.

Creamy Penne with Mushroom White Sauce Pasta



The we had a Kettle of Darjeeling Tea for obvious reasons 😀 Two people can share the tea and for 70 bucks, that’s a steal !

The total bill amount was around 600 and we were a happy with the visit!



Pictures from earlier that day. Mom’s Strawberry Classic Cake from French Loaf.


The rose bouquet we got for mom 😛 OMG, hey’re so beautiful. I’m yet to receive a bouquet for myself 😦





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