The Future is…Plastics!

This is something that always bothers me. It scares me even and my friends ask, what is my problem? That is precisely the problem. We tend to think, we will be long gone by the time plastic does some serious damage to the Earth (as if it hasn’t done enough already) so we needn’t worry.

And the garbage dump. Non-recyclable stinky dumps that is deposited in large dumps in some part of every polished posh city.. What do we do? What CAN we do to eradicate all those ?

Even if we prevent producing plastics from.. Say tomorrow , what do we do with those trillion tons ? This is scary. Really is.

Brilliantly conveyed in this post!


I remember when I was very young most things came in bottles or cans or were wrapped in paper or cardboard. My dad would buy a crate of soda for family consumption every now and then and the sodas would always come in large glass bottles that he would clean and re-crate when finished so that he could return them to the store for the deposit, which he would in turn use to purchase more soda…and let me tell you, those sodas would last for a long time. Back in those days you opened a bottle of soda and shared it with the family. There were no sodas for guzzling individually. That was just too much soda for one person at one sitting…and as we all knew, not the healthiest thing for children, teeth and dentist bills.

But then sometime during the sixties something happened and I remember seeing advertisements…

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