G : Guns and Roses #atozchallenge

The April A-Z Challenge is a month-long blogging challenge, where every participant posts a blog on a topic starting with A on 1st, B on 2nd and so on. We get the Sundays free. You can read more about it here.


Guns and Roses

She boarded the cab at 9.24 PM.

“Adyar, 5th Avenue. The left after HDFC Bank”, she explains. She plugs in her earphone and rolls-down the windows. To get some cold night breeze or for her own safety, one doesn’t know.

She pretended she didn’t notice the glance, the cab driver sent her way, every few minutes through the mirror. Even if she decides to change cabs, this wouldn’t change, she reasoned.

“Madam, I will just pick up my friend and drop him at the end of this stretch of road. He will get some auto in main road.”

She looked at the passenger side seat next to the driver and found it to be occupied by a stack of papers, snacks and a water bottle. “Where would he sit”, she thought. Before she could argue, the cab slowed and a guy got into the backseat next to her.

She had a feeling she knew where this was going. She digged deeper into her bag, to trace the outline of the gun and clutched it tight.



This post has been written for the April A to Z Challenge 2015 that I revealed here.



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