Beyond the pale.

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

Daily Post

Cats might have nine lives, but I’m not entirely convinced we do. So if we’re going by the YOLO principle, have you lived your life enough? As far as I am concerned, I truly haven’t.  I would never call my life incomplete or unhappy, but uneventful – yes. I have stuck to a routine and do not work hard enough to change or break that.

When I was in school, I would just go to school, come back home, play games on my computer (yep, only indoors) and sleep. I’ve never played with my neighborhood kids, went on running competitions and scraped my knees. I played safe, I thought *deep sigh*. Some terms I enrolled in my school cubs for badminton – but mostly my routine was only the mandatory stuff. I thought I was going to be a badass when I enter college cause I’ve been too goody-goody in school. Reality check! Life doesn’t work that way. You are the same person no matter wherever you go. So college life was way more boring considering it was 35km far away from home. I spent my bus travel my MP3 player, Mon-Fri . Repeat. You see the pattern here?

Work.  If anyone ever tells you,  there’s gonna be a rainbow after a little rain, punch them square in the face. Nope. No unicorns either. That was pretty devastating. So you see, I’m a routine person and all was well as long as I enjoyed it. As long as I believed it was ME who is making the routine. But later I realized, I’m a walking example for an introvert and have never been open. I don’t meet people, do something new, go out with acquaintances or make new friends. Heck, I don’t even make eye-contact in public. You’d probably see with a book, or with my mobile where I will be reading an ebook and eventually you’d go away. So yeah.

But yes, I’m looking forward to changing this. This gets me nowhere and I need to be SOMEWHERE. I wanna go bungee-jumping, trekking, join a dance class fully aware that I own two left foot. That would be nice. That would be doing something out of my bubble that I call a comfort zone. That, I will do. Soon. 🙂



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