Chennai Metro Experience

I know I’m late. After bragging so much that I’m some kind of true-blue Chennai’ite and all, I’m disappointed that it took me so long. But yeah, I’ve finally done it. And I’m just bringing you the crux of it. Stuff I would prefer reading before my Chennai Metro Trip.!

chennai metro review

chennai metro review
Rail Map

Guide :

  • Go to the station.
  • Get the tickets from either the manual ticket counter or Ticket Vending Machines.
  • The TVMs are a touch screen machine where you input your destination, number of tickets, and select the class of travel. Then you slide in the money through the cash slot and the vending machine verifies it and returns the requested number of tickets.
  • The tickets here are RFID Tokens (picture below).
  • You have to pass your bag for screening and walk through the detector.
  • Place the token on the reader and it slides open, permitting you to enter.
  • Go to your respecting platforms (Upper Platform) and board!
  • When you reach your destination, there is another RFID reader. Just drop in the token in the slit , and exit.

Happy Journey 🙂

Positives :

  • CCTV Surveillance. May not completely reduce theft or public nuisance, but it’s a huge step with a live display of cam footage on TV. So, that’s cool.
  • Clean – now that’s a surprise. As of now at least. No paan stains, spitting, eating and throwing food packets and other gross things.
  • QUICK!!  Damn, this makes life in Chennai so much easier. The heat and the traffic and the time it takes in this traffic to reach from CMBT to Guindy.!? You could reach the destination in a fraction of that time.
  • No eating allowed inside the train. Also, even if you want, you cant. It reaches before even you open your lays chips 😀 { exaggerating there 😉 }
  • Price. 40rs for a trip till Alandur is very cost efficient I’d say. If you take an AC bus, they’d charge you 50 bucks approx and take almost an hour in the traffic. You could reach in 15-20 mins through Metro, and the view is much better from up here! ❤


  • CROWD. Damn, I went on a Sunday evening thinking people who visit for experience < people who commute to work by metro. This logic sucked big time. The crowd was maddening. Never got a seat :/
  • Ticket System. People never get down ANYWHERE between CMBT and Alandur. How? I’m pretty sure many people got tickets to Vadapalani but travelled till Alandur. How do they monitor these folks?!
  • There really needs to be a system to get in and out smoothly when the door slides open. It is a deathless-massacre there in that one min.
  • There is digital board on each platform to announce the ETA for the next train. It said 9mins (for the train to reach Alandur) for my platform. On the opposite platform it read 14mins. Suddenly their board changed to 3mins and mine to 31mins.!? WTF ?! People from my platform started rushing to the lift to go there and get THAT quicker train. Later when the board in my platform read 14mins for the train to arrive, the train gave us a surprise by arriving right then. I mean, what was that? I’m pretty sure people are gonna start crossing tracks when they suddenly see the time change to the other platform but the train will arrive in this track and .. Well. I hope people will be more sensible.
chenni metro ticket
The RFID ticket

chennai metro

So it was a 50/50 experience for me. The government has given us a perfect train with good service, the people should be more responsible and not use the train unethically and HELP keep it CLEAN always!

Welcome Metro 🙂 ❤



7 thoughts on “Chennai Metro Experience

  1. Omg the crowd!! Thanks for this sneak peek, I was thinking of going there myself today but other plans stopped me.

    I really do hope the cleanliness is maintained. Oh how easy this is going to make my life from now on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad this post helped ! 🙂 The crowd – yes, maddening. And I don’t think if this is just the CURIOSITY crowd. Let’s see 😀 Let me know what you think about it after you travel 🙂


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