The Lull.

Whoa. I don’t even know what to say. What would be an understandable acceptable excuse reason. ?

A moment of silence. 

Well, if you have read my earlier posts I would have mentioned some things are up on the home front. So it’s been good and infact kept me occupied before and after. And then my wifi went out. So re-installation — low range — wifi extenders.. it’s been a long uninteresting process.

So finally, here I am. Back, and here to stay ! 😉 And hopefully I wont vanish on you guys again. Just be prepared to be annoyed by my blog notifs ^_^

And yeah, in spite of my lack of activity on the social space..I’ve been keeping myself busy offline. And what did I do, you ask? Nope. you already know. I Read. A lot. I feel like I read so many books when in reality I just read a handful. (Depends on you, what a handful is 😉 ) But I kept myself surrounded with books all time and Ive never been a happier person 🙂

Will comment more on the books I completed in my next post. Till then, caio ! and HI !! 😀



3 thoughts on “The Lull.

  1. Welcome back! I cannot wait for the day when internet is made as free and as easily accessible as air! I only read about 30 books a year and feel like I read a handful!


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