Get Set Bolt in the new TATA Bolt

TATA launches it’s first product for the year 2015, the all new Tata Bolt. Although it looks like more like Indica’s brother, it definitely is the bigger bro and packs an awful punch! Read on to know the features in BOLT that I found exciting, and my experience on going round and round the vehicle when Mr.Yuvaraj kindly gave a very detailed demo. The pictures below is of the XT Diesel which is the top-end model.

PC :



tata bolt


tata bolt






tata bolt

tata bolt

tata bolt infotainment

tata bolt



tata bolt




tata bolt

tata bolt


tata bolt
Mind you,I’m tall. But look at the leg room there! (Front passenger seat)

tata bolt

  • Available in Petrol and Diesel variants.
  • Revotron 1.2 litre turbocharged Petrol engine.
  • Multi-drive options : Sport/City/Eco
  • Automatic climate control
  • Rear Wiper automatically triggers when you shift to Reverse Gear.
  • 15”diameter die-cast alloy wheel.
  • The temperature and air details of all four tyres are displayed on your console. This is of huge help and you need not go the petrol bunk anymore just to check air. This scores in the long run as well, because unbalanced tyre pressure can cause havoc to the passengers.
  • Full information display in the dashboard console.
  • The dashboard console Infotainment (which is a touchscreen in top-end variant) has inbuilt navigation with downloaded maps. How cool is that? Once the user’s smart-phone is synced with the Bolt’s head-unit, it uses MapMyIndia for navigation. No more fretting over 3G balances and connectivity on your mobile GPS for routes.
  • The voice command is another cool feature. The demonstrator clicked the voice button and just said “Tune into 93.5”, and it did. I was thrilled 😀 The driver can focus on the road without taking your eyes off from the road to switch channels now.
  • There is a small car visual on the console, that shows which ever door is open. Now you know what to check before starting your car.
  • The Front seat not only has steering wheel and seat adjustment between the steering and the driver. In BOLT, you can adjust the height of the seat according to the desired head-room. Very helpful for people on the tall side like me 😉
  • There is a tray beneath the front passenger seats where you can store so much of necessities and it doesn’t come in your way nor look out of place.!
  • The storage cabin on the dashboard is horizontal and HUGE. A full length file/folder can easily be placed inside without a worry.
  • 60:40 is the ratio of car seating split. The back seats can be folded flat to make room for luggage at the back incase two people are travelling with loads of luggage. J
  • Revised headlamps with projectors which is really good for highways and has no glare.
  • The Tata Bolt comes in five colors: Venetian Red, Pristine White, Platinum Silver, Dune Beige, and Sky Grey. 

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