Of breaks and comebacks

Blogging should never feel forced or like a task you have to check off your list.

That’s probably what everyone thought when they gave a break to their blogging ritual, until 17 months down the line they realize, they don’t blog anymore. I was feeling exhausted and drained lately, of things to talk about on my blog to the people who actually listen to what I’ve got to say. When you keep postponing your blog time, neglecting all your blog ideas deeming them not good enough, that’s not exactly helping you. This is after all the only place you’ve got to convey what you feel, be opinionated (most of the times, atleast) and feel a connect with like-minded people with passion. Don’t miss out on all these.

This post goes out to everyone who has been feeling uninspired lately and just couldnt blog. Just write. Write whatever you are feeling right about now, even if you are not actually feeling it. It gets better 🙂 Like I did, now.

P.S. A lot of things have been happening lately, will update you guys soon:’) How have y’all been ? (Did I just say y’all ? Wow)

Sharu x



11 thoughts on “Of breaks and comebacks

  1. hmmm…i too am on an extended break right from the new year and am not sure when i will get back to blogging…in fact i have kinda closed down my blogs by marking them personal only so i dont have to show people only my older posts….guess i have to make a special effort to start writing but somehow the well of inspiration seems to be dry now..fingers crossed…


  2. I’m going through something similar too…none of my post ideas seem interesting and I’m just writing for the sake of writing something that’s all. Writers block seems like a real thing, y’all!

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  3. So very true! You have to push all the bad, uninspired junk out of your head so the good can come out. Good to “see” you 🙂 I’m doing wellel, thanks. Excited for spring to get here. There’s a bird singing so loud outside my window right now. It’s like it’s trying to bring out the sunshine with its song.

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