iPad Pro :)


ipad pro

iPad Pro joins the family! (and that too in Rose Gold, I’m dying ❤ ) I’m a person who is always online; I rarely disconnect. So this has almost my replaced laptop for me. And my mobile is out-of-sight when I come home to this beaut. All the amazing stuff they say about the impeccable display, four stereo-speakers, 12MP iSight camera, 4K videos and all that jazz is truer than it’s true tone display. (see what I did there ? lmao) SO happy.

oh hello!.png
I honestly thought it’s a bit too late for a review (and I still feel the same way) because, although I got my hands on it just now, it’s been around for quite a bit some time. But it’s a HUGE part of my life, and deserves a spot on the life adventures and shenanigans of Sharu AKA, this blog. Also the media is still not over it apparently.. so I might as well add an update!

ipad pro 9.7

We got the 9.7 inch WiFi 128GB model in Rose Gold. I’m not reviewing this, although you could find the spec and details anywhere on the internet.

Some shots for your viewing pleasure (and also a little nudge if you were plaaaaaning to get one! ..)

ipad pro cameraipad pro cameraipad pro cameraipad pro camera
I’m only the photographer. I’m so proud of my mum for having such a beautiful balcony garden and being so bloody brilliant at it! 💖

That’s it then.. Ciao! 😉



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