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My Netflix TV Show Recommendations

This post has been in my drafts for far-too-long. I’ve become so sluggish lately and finally, it has found it’s moment of dawn! So without further ado.. *insert drumroll..umm, or tap on the octapad if you fancy*  Stranger Things: Even before the whole world started going crazy over this one, Netflix uploaded a teaser for this series just saying “coming soon”. I immediately added it to … Continue reading My Netflix TV Show Recommendations

sensitive people

Of sensitivity

Do you feel everything. A bit too much? You observe everything. I repeat, everything. Your degree of reaction to a matter is more than others. You just cant not control tears. Ugh. You overthink, if you’re overthinking too much. You get the point. Welcome to Fight Club. I mean yeah, there have been terms like over-sensitive, short-tempered and introvert thrown around a lot. While I happily accept … Continue reading Of sensitivity

Of breaks and comebacks

Blogging should never feel forced or like a task you have to check off your list. That’s probably what everyone thought when they gave a break to their blogging ritual, until 17 months down the line they realize, they don’t blog anymore. I was feeling exhausted and drained lately, of things to talk about on my blog to the people who actually listen to what I’ve got … Continue reading Of breaks and comebacks

Netflix India : How to ACTUALLY Netflix and chill

2016 has started with a bang alright! First things first, hope you are all having a wonderful start to the brand New Year and making the best out of the possibilities 🙂  And this is the first time I’m trying out this WP editor I can type in colors and Im so frigging happy ❤     Okay. So the big news floating around – Netflix … Continue reading Netflix India : How to ACTUALLY Netflix and chill


Look what arrived in the mail!! #CarryOn #RainbowRowell    But this will have to wait as I’ve just started #Scarlet during my Mumbai trip.     And also, I have to go read the Harry Potter series ( I just read the first one even though I have the 2nd and 3rd with me. Can you believe it?!) cause the #harrypotter prequel is getting quiet the rage … Continue reading Bookish.

Get Set Bolt in the new TATA Bolt

TATA launches it’s first product for the year 2015, the all new Tata Bolt. Although it looks like more like Indica’s brother, it definitely is the bigger bro and packs an awful punch! Read on to know the features in BOLT that I found exciting, and my experience on going round and round the vehicle when Mr.Yuvaraj kindly gave a very detailed demo. The pictures below … Continue reading Get Set Bolt in the new TATA Bolt

The Lull.

Whoa. I don’t even know what to say. What would be an understandable acceptable excuse reason. ? A moment of silence.  Well, if you have read my earlier posts I would have mentioned some things are up on the home front. So it’s been good and infact kept me occupied before and after. And then my wifi went out. So re-installation — low range — … Continue reading The Lull.

Puli Audio Hangover | Mannavane Mannavane Lyrics

I just cant get over this song. Puli audio launched last weekend and I’ve been having the album on loop. And this song, damn. I’m hugging this like a fluffy little cushion. I feel all evil princess-sy whenever this song comes on though! *sings along with one eyebrow raised* Also I’ve already set up the scenario in my head of who sings which stanza to whom. … Continue reading Puli Audio Hangover | Mannavane Mannavane Lyrics

Urban Tree echoVME Chennai Blogger Meet Experience :)

One rainy day (not really) I checked my mail and got really excited about the invite for Urban Tree echoVME Bloggers Meet in Chennai. Okay, confession time. I’ve never really attended a single bloggers meet before this in all my 4-5 years of blogging. Two reasons: They VERY RARELY happen in Chennai. I’m not an active member of any bloggers’ group. So I visualized I’d be sitting … Continue reading Urban Tree echoVME Chennai Blogger Meet Experience 🙂