Remo Sivakarthikeyen

Remo – Love struck!

Hi!! I’m just back after a long day of driving, movie with parents, shopping, more shopping, even more shopping and driving back home. So just a quick update on Remo! 

Boy is not the flirty types. He meets girl for the first type. And yes, the girl is playing with kids. Perfect-heroine-entry.  And cupid strikes him then and there. Like, literally. You’ll see. At this point I was like, oh god :/ after all those expectations…  

*le me stops mid sentence. Continue reading “Remo – Love struck!”


MS Dhoni – The Untold Story

Such a bloody brilliant movie!! Go watch, what are you even doing here? GOOO. Mahendra Sigh Dhoni, Captain of Indian Cricket Team. Till date the most love and hate I’ve ever observed for an Indian Cricketer online, is for this gem and God knows why!! So when  his biopic was announced, there were celebrations and hate all over the internet. I was over the moon with … Continue reading MS Dhoni – The Untold Story

netflix recommendations

My Netflix TV Show Recommendations

This post has been in my drafts for far-too-long. I’ve become so sluggish lately and finally, it has found it’s moment of dawn! So without further ado.. *insert drumroll..umm, or tap on the octapad if you fancy*  Stranger Things: Even before the whole world started going crazy over this one, Netflix uploaded a teaser for this series just saying “coming soon”. I immediately added it to … Continue reading My Netflix TV Show Recommendations

Game of Thrones S06 Premiere Rant

Okay. This is supposed to be an episode with answers. It has to untie and untangle all the knots and un-cliff the cliffhangers or whatever. But I’m magically having even more questions now. Good job there, show runners! I’m really getting tired of this Jon Snow is dead or not game. We have millions of theories floating around the Internet on our grumpy heartthrob’s comeback. … Continue reading Game of Thrones S06 Premiere Rant

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Finale Discussion

WHAT THE HELL.  WHAT THE HELL. WHAT THE HELL. WHAT THE HELL.  THIS REVIEW IS DARK AND FULL OF SPOILERS. THIS IS A “DISCUSSION” to the trauma named Finale!! How do you even recover from that kind of a finale?! Lets recollect, shall we? Cersei has her walk of shame. Arya crosses one name off her to-do list and loses her sight for it. Daenerys is left … Continue reading Game Of Thrones Season 5 Finale Discussion

Gone Girl : Movie Review

When the wife is either missing or dead, the first suspect is the husband. It’s always the husband. This movie takes you on a roller-coaster ride and startles you; making you question on the very fundamental and integral part of the society – marriage. Rosamund Pike as Amy is a children’s book writer. She writes as Amazing Amy and is loved by all and is America’s … Continue reading Gone Girl : Movie Review

Madras Review : Pakka local ! ;)

First things first, I’m a Chennai patriot. I defend Chennai and CSK – NO MATTER WHAT. And when a movie titled Madras is doing the rounds, my ears perked up. But the music, which is actually divine – was overshadowed by VIP, Kaththi, Kaaviya Thalaivan and I. Also Karthi was in outta form recently (remember All in all Azhagu Raja, Briyani ? ) I had … Continue reading Madras Review : Pakka local ! 😉

Aathi ! ;) from Kaththi | Translation & Inno Genga Cover Lyrics

My favorite song in the recent times, “Aathi Ena Nee” from Kaththi. Music : Anirudh Singer : Vishal Dadlani Movie : Kaththi Year : 2014 Tamil to English translation to the best of my capacities for my friend Em 🙂 Here you go 🙂 Promo : Aathi ena nee paatha odanae Damn ! When you look at me Kaathil vecha iragaanen I flutter like a … Continue reading Aathi ! 😉 from Kaththi | Translation & Inno Genga Cover Lyrics

Anjaan : Music Review

Wohoo !! The stylish stunner Suriya in and as ANJAAN directed by super-awesome Lingusaamy and music by YUVAN SHANKAR RAJA ! Too many big names 😉 Here is the break down. Track list Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length “Bang Bang” Madhan Karky Ranjith 4:11 “Oru Kan Jaadai” Viveka Benny Dayal, Shweta Pandit 4:23 “Ek Do Theen” Muthukumar Suriya, Andrea Jeremiah 3:57 “Kaadhal Aasai” Kabilan Yuvan Shankar Raja, Sooraj Santhosh … Continue reading Anjaan : Music Review

Review : The Fault In Our Stars

How often does a doomed love story bring happiness to us? This movie is about a girl and a guy who meet at Cancer Support Group and how their stars guide them to make something almost magical and then get lost in the darkness forever. Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace Lancaster is diagnosed with Stage-Four cancer affected lungs when she was 13. She struggles and … Continue reading Review : The Fault In Our Stars