MS Dhoni – The Untold Story

Such a bloody brilliant movie!! Go watch, what are you even doing here? GOOO.


Mahendra Sigh Dhoni, Captain of Indian Cricket Team. Till date the most love and hate I’ve ever observed for an Indian Cricketer online, is for this gem and God knows why!! So when  his biopic was announced, there were celebrations and hate all over the internet. I was over the moon with excitement, obviously. I adore him and get into ugly twitter battles defending him. I block people when they post shit about his captaincy on Facebook. I started watching every match India played in the Dhoni-era. His humility and cool is something I just cant understand. How? How could someone with so much of responsibility not lose his cool, when everything he does was criticized and questioned? My blood boils every time people are so ungrateful and mock him when he loses his wicket in one match after all his contribution, sacrifices, struggles and strategies.And I’m not even speaking figuratively anymore! And when Dhoni was signed for Chennai Super Kings (CSK), the city where I have lived all my life and love ever-so-passionately, hell broke loose. It was the best of two worlds for me, seeing Dhoni smashing it in the yellow CSK jersey. ❤

SO. When I go in to watch this movie, my expectations sky-rocketed despite my best efforts to watch with a blank mind. And then comes in Sushant Sigh Rajput. He owned every frame and the amount of effort and background homework that he has done to walk like MSD, smile like him, tiny mannerisms, they way he even flexes before going in for a strike, uncanny to the say the least.

Early days:

As Dhoni said during the trailer launch of this film, he didn’t want to be glamourized or portrayed as an hero in this biopic. He just wants the world to know how he became who he is today, and how the path is relatable to so many of us. Nothing is too big if you aim for it with all your heart and give in your hunderd percent. The journey of his football practise, how and why he got into Cricket, his friends and family, support system, job-security, working as a Ticket Collector in Indian Railways – it is a whirlwind of emotions that is the life of an average Indian guy who decided to make it big.


I honestly didn’t know about this part, but his first-love is Priyanka Jha and is beauatifully portrayed by Disha Patani. But tragic meets this love-story too, and how it impacted him and how he recovered and moved-ahead with one goal in mind is brilliantly conveyed. Life has to move on and he eventually meets Sakshi (portrayed on-screen by Kiara Advani) and we all know how that ended 🙂 ❤ (if not.. google Ziva Dhoni 😀 )

All other characters have played their part so well, espically Anupam Kher as his father and his friends back at Ranchi. The music complimented the film so beautifully and was perfect. I loved so many tiny shots in the movie , no mention a few..

♥ MSD asks his well-wisher, “What would be the cost of the MRF bats that Sachin uses?” and gets told that it is advertising sticker 😀

♥  What do you want for valentines day? “A watch. Affordable and durable”.

“OK done, what will you get me?”

“I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day” 😀

♥ “We didn’t lose to him in the field, we lost to him in the basket-ball court the previous day.” , he looks so star-struck there! :’)

Director Neeraj Pandey clearly knows the pulse of not-only his audience, but of the entire nation, who holds their breath every time the man with jersey number 7 comes out to play. We could not have asked for a better biopic. Million thanks Neeraj and Sushant!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a phenomenon.  Just one of those things ❤


What do you think ? ;)

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