Fix | iPhone Video Plays Upside Down

I vlog whenever I’m out of city and this time while I went away on a weekend trip to Hyderabad, a log of vlogging happened. And there was an issue.



When I imported the video clips fro my iPhone into my Windows Movie Maker library, some clips displayed upside-down. The Movie Maker preview showed it in the right way, but when the movie was made, few clips alone were annoyingly upside down in the middle of the movie I made.

Why this happens:

There is surprisingly an ideal way to shoot videos on your iPhone – that is the volume buttons should be faced down. But in contradiction, Apple brought out click-volume-button-to-take-selfies-easily feature. So we are a bit used to having the volume buttons faced-up. And when we take videos this way, the camera doesn’t understand which is the supposedly correct orientation. Those information are simply stored in EXIF tags. This tag is rightly read by your iOS, but  Microsoft gives a damn. *Surprise!* So that’s why it is topsy-turvy when you play it elsewhere.


  1.  Make it a point to record videos with the volume-buttons facing down, duh!
  2.  If you already have a tonne of clips taken this way, import those clips into movie maker –> it will look ALRIGHT in the preview, but don’t be fooled –> rotate it to 90 degrees –> it will look like you messed up –> it’s okay, go on –> and compile that as a movie by clicking “Save Movie”.

Now when you play it wherever, it is right side up.

I went on a long hunt online to solve this issue and everyone explains WHY this happens and inconveniently deviate to “why did Apple make a mistake?”, but bruh, now what do I do!? That’s why I decided to put this up. Glad if it could help someone. And yeah, my move is perfect now 🙂


What do you think ? ;)

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