Blog Relaunch 2017

Heya! Im still alive after the cyclone in Chennai and things have been gradually getting back to normal. Hope you’re all swell 🤓  I come bearing news!! 

So yeah, I started out this blog to document the moments of my life that I’d like to look back on and reflect, be it at the end of a year or 9 years down the line. And as long as I nurtured it and committed to it, this blog had given me some amazing opportunities which I will cherish for a lifetime. But lately that’s not the case. I’m not blogging as much as I used to when I was in university; and also I’ve become a bit too self-critical before hitting publish! 

The number of posts in my trash that will never see the light of the day saddens me. That’s the problem with lifestyle blogging – you start out to document your life, share your story with the world, inspire and get inspired by this beautiful community. But then this evil little critic in your mind scraps the idea entirely trigging the fatal “who wants to read about your XYZ experience?” self-doubt! That right there is the death of a lifestyle blog.

Remember why you started.

My main goal in 2017 is to lock that little monster and throw away the key! And remember why I started to blog and get the mojo back! And how. A Blog Relaunch will be happening on the 1st of January 2017! I ll be moving to a new site, please do join me there. Have a lot of fun things planned up! 

Lifestyle Blog relaunch vintage madras

And I just realised that a relaunch is much much more complicated than just starting your first blog. Because now you know the mistakes that’s most likely gonna happen and have time to stress over it and lose your mind haha. Just kidding (not really). 

So yeah! See you there !! Link will be shared soon xx 

What do you think ? ;)

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