Being an Author

Sometimes your dreams come true. And you feel so blessed and happy.

The only feeling that can beat that is, not even dreaming and getting it handed over to you. Whoa.

When Blogadda announced the Game Of Blogs contest I registered just like every other participant. Was allocated into random teams. Introduced ourselves, interacted and became friends who connect on a whole new level where the passion meets – the love for writing! I was so fortunate to have been paired up with such amazing peeps!  Blogadda gave all the teams a specific set of characters. It was upto us to mould the story. We could make it a romantic comedy or a crime thriller – ofcourse we went with the latter cuz we’re cool like that LOL. We collaborated and wrote chapter after chapter taking turns. Selected teams were asked to move on to another round, then another!

We discussed the plot on whatsapp/ voice memos/late night phone conferences, wrote and shared on Google Drive, edited by fellow members on the Drive, and finally mailed it to BA. It is not even close to ow hectic you imagine it to be! And the best part, we agree on a plot and go about with it and suddenly the chapter-writer will publish a totally alien kickass twist and we’ll discuss the plot AGAIN from that part of the story! And we never even knew who the murderer is gonna be – till the last few chapters! Promise. 😀

Why am I telling you all this? Because this might be once in a lifetime opportunity for me, or maybe not. But we were one among the top 3 teams who got their work PUBLISHED by Blogadda and that is HUGE! 🙂

Although I was not able to attend the Mega WIN15 event where the book launch happened,  I’m ever thankful to Blogadda and the Panel including Ashwin Sanghi who approved our work. You truly made our year.

And much love to Team Potliwale Baba ❤

Banner at the WIN15 Event !
The Book




Shameem* Rizwana :/
🙂 ❤

Couple of other members from my team are are already published writers, so this was a great opportunity and platform to work with the best and learn how stuffs behind the paperback works! Now I’d be lying if I said this collaborative-authoring din’t inspire to write a book of my own. Someday, if I have enough stories to tell, I will 🙂

And then on parallel universe where I’m just another IT employee and not a super cool author, 😛  I came across this EPIC QUOTE and nominate this to be my new best favorite signature quote! This :


Jus don “whats up?” me.


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