The Girl Behind the Scenes

How did it start

Frankly this is not my first blog. I have picked up blogging too early in my life. I abandoned most of my blogs just after one or two about me and hello world posts. So, when I wrote my first post again in June 2012, I was just hoping to cross 10 posts at least to save my self-esteem. But I stuck to this. I enjoyed the transition from blogspot to wordpress.  I loved when wordpress kept reminding me that I have crossed my 6th post and 7th post. It appreciates you, and that encourages you.

I do not like to build fences to my blog and labeling it a beauty blog or a fitness blog. It is here, for anyone and everyone to read. I do not know if I am writing beneficial content (which I’m working on), but I write genuine real content and I evolve as I blog. And I can never be happier about how much the blog has grown with me over the past years.

How did it start (1)

Writing down my thoughts has given me a medium to breathe out the words from my mind and I very passionately enjoy it. It has been rewarding in so many ways, but there are a couple of very special opportunities that I got cause I write :

Interviewing Joshna Chinappa for Femina [2015]

femina joshna chinappa

Collaborative Authoring my first book ‘Entangled Lives’ with Blogadda [2014]

I can be anything. I can walk alone in a jungle with nothing but a camera, I can become an overnight sensation, I can become the person people look up to or become a superhero and save the day. But I chose to blog, and I will thrive to be a good one at it. If not now, someday. ❤


I’m so glad you’re here.


69 thoughts on “The Girl Behind the Scenes

  1. great going…we all make a small start. Even I registered a blog in 2008 but never wrote for next 7 years!! But now I’m quite regular at it…

    You seem to be scaling well for your blog..Happy blogging Shameem..
    BTW, why do you use vintagemadras as twitter handle? …just out of curiosity!!

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    1. So happy that you found your blogging mojo, finally. No matter how irregular or late we blog, it is always fun 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words Arv (your name pls ? :)) ..

      And yes, I’m vintagemadras on twitter. Were you redirected here from my twitter post ? 🙂

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      1. True. Arvind is actual name. No I didn’t have an opportunity to do so. just saw the same being mentioned on your page! So what is connection with vintage?
        BTW I love Chennai! 🙂


  2. hi Sharu, what a pretty girl 🙂 I’m rochelle btw, scouting around this space of blogging reading lots of stuff..and came across you too..hope we can be blogging buds. You’re a pretty cool writer,read just a few posts

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  3. Hey Sharu! Been a long time! Can see that you are not participating in A to Z this time! May I ask why? Get out of the writer’s block, darling! Would love to read your writes. Try to participate. Let’s have fun like last time! 🙂


    1. Hey Shalzz… I’m so happy that you asked, it really means a lot. But yes, I’m suffering a block this time. I don’t think I can wing-it like last time. I need a theme to stick to, so that atleast I can try to get over my block and write something. But I’m not able to come up with any themes 😦 I’m so frustrated Shalzz. That’s why I thought I’ll give it a miss this year, although I love A-Z 😦


  4. Hi,
    I found your blog cute!!
    Happened to Google something random and clicked this link… Just chanced upon your blog 😀

    Have always fancied writing.. But never crossed a few pages.

    Keep up the “blogging”!! ^_^

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  5. Dear Shameem,

    I work for a renowned PR firm in Bangalore. This is regarding a collaboration with one of our clients.
    Kindly drop in your details at the earliest to my email id.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  6. Hi Sharu, I think that’s a very well described detailed description of you and I loved knowing about you. just stopped by to say that you’re doing good! keep up.


      1. Hmmm..Great motivational word “Possible”
        Yea everything is possible just to give life to a dead person.!


  7. Aslamolaikum Shameem
    Hope you are doing fine, I am Afsheen and discovered your Blog a while ago 🙂
    Its is a nice clean place.
    May Allah bless you and your loved ones ameen


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