Review : Kochadaiyaan

Wow. There is some power to the name, even while just typing it down – Kochadaiyaan.  I’m just back from Satyam and yeah, I’m not gonna hesitate nor give dumb build-ups – the movie was Extraordinary !! It was such a fab attempt by Soundarya Rajinikanth.


The movie is about two rival kingdoms – Kottaipattinam and Kalingapuri. Kochadaiyaan is the Warrior of the Kottaipattinam Army. He keeps winning all the battles for the country, and people worship him so much. The actual King of Kottaipattinam is Nasser and it gets to his nerves that, Kochadaiyaan is being showered with praises as if he is the Ruler. So he discretely waits for a chance to see Kochadaiyaan fall. So he gets one such chance to term Kochadaiyaan as a disgrace to the nation and kills him.


Kochadaiyaan has two sons – Rana and Sena Before he dies, he asks his son Sena (little boy then) fulfill the incomplete tasks and keep up the promises he has made to the people. But the death of their father, creates a huge impact on Rana (younger bro). He flees the country and goes to Kalingapuri and grows there. He even becomes the Leader of the Army there just like his father and later in a twist of events, switch sides to Kottaipattinam – where he belongs.

Kochadaiyaan (4)

So, why has Rana returned back to Kottaipattinam?  What was Kochaidaiyaan’s last wish? Has Rana fulfilled his father’s promises? Where has Sena been all these years? These answers will create an amazing movie with Motion Capture Technology in 3D for the first time in India.

Kochaiaiyaan has it’s fair share of flaws. The animation wasn’t that great to begin with *as every Ram and Leela have already mentioned*. But come on, it is the first attempt in Indian Cinema and who are we to jump and criticize everything that comes our way. It’s a bold attempt by Soundarya ; I have always admired her and she has made her daddy proud! It had too many songs. It was a tad bit annoying but nevertheless cute. Also, ARR’s music can never be a pain to the ears. And then the face! Rajini is perfect in every frame. But only Rajini is. Esp Kochadaiyaan is super manly ❤ . Rana has the charm. The Rajini feel , the goosebumps moment, he manages to bring it!! But most of their eyes had a dead-set look. I’m sure it must be a difficult task to do – anyways, I’m just saying.Deepika Padukone plays his lady love. Nothing more.


But the technologies used, the amount of effort that has gone into the movie, the thought-process, the courage to do something which may not come out the way you expect, the strength to venture into the unknown – so, hearty congratulations to Soundarya and Tech Team!! And for people comparing it with the other motion-capture film we all know..Avatar..She just said on an interview now and only then I realized this.The characters of Avatar are fictions. They need not resemble anyone. The audience are not gonna point out flaws or say the eyes are not perfect and all that. But here they do. Rajinikanth has to look like Rajinikanth. So, kudos to the team on that !!


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6 thoughts on “Review : Kochadaiyaan

  1. Good one :)) Nicely Reviewed..
    U just missed abt Thalaivar Dialogues nd Punch tat is BIG PLUS… if u hav added one line abt Rana nd Kochadaiiyaan sentiment (death scene) na thn it would have been a perfect review.. anyway its nice.. Keep gng.. waiting for ur next one..

    mine rating will be 4.2/5 :))


    1. Should have mentioned about dialogues.! Will include 🙂 but death scene is imp.. Adhu sollita ppl ku feel ll go off wen they watch. So wantedly oly dint mention 🙂


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